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Black Nordic Tile Set

Black Nordic Tile Set


👌🏼 Fits to every tile size.

☕️ One set can fit between 10-40 tiles.

🌵 40 Stickers in set.

💦 Stickers are permanent after 15 mins in the oven*.


    Number of stickers in set: 40 

    Size: 1 inch / 2.54 cm


    Using stickndine is easy. See the step-by-step guide here


    • After the sticker is completely dry (24hrs wait time), blow dry the sticker to fix it to the tile.
    • We recommend using the stickers for tiles in the kitchen and / or the toilets.
    • Avoid placing the stickers too close to hot steams or a hot water stream, as it may hurt the sticker durability. 

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