Frequently Asked Questions


How to apply the stickers?

Using stick&dine is easy! See the step by step guide here.

Are the stickers dishwasher safe?

We strongly advise against using the dishwasher, as it may damage the sticker. For cleaning - we recommend washing gently by hand with cold water.

Can I use it on any surface?

Yes! Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Plastic... Basically everything. Just like a normal sticker.

  • If you want to fix the sticker to the object, just make sure the object chosen can bear the heat (270F / 130C).
  • If you want to put it on surfaces that aren't suitable for heat, such as plastic and wood, you can just stick it on it and skip the oven / hairdrayer step. The sticker will stick, but won't be 100% fixed to the object. This could be your fridge, coffee machine, cabines, etc.

Any tips for handling & care?

  • Wash gently by hand using cold water (avoid dishwasher).
  • Cutting with a knife over the sticker area can damage the sticker. This is why we recommend placing the sticker away from the cutting area (center of the plate)
  • Avoid using inside soup bowls / tea cups. Hot water can hurt the sticker durability.
  • Best for display items.

Ordering & Shipping

Is shipping free?

We provide free shipping for orders above $60. For orders below, shipping costs $3.5-$4.5.

So you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

What is the estimated handling & shipping times?

Handling time is up to 2 days from order. Shipping time is estimated between 5-14 business days, depends on your location. In holidays, orders may delay and take up to 30 days to arrive.

Can I track my order?

Yes. Once the item is shipped, you will recieve an email with the package tracking details.

Do you cover taxes, duty, etc. for international customers?

Unfortunately, our prices don't include local taxes, duties, brokerage fees, VATs, etc. We suggest checking and considering all fees prior to ordering. Once your order arrives you'll be required to pay any fees, which won't be refunded in the case of a return.

Returns & Refunds

Can I return my item?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Stick&Dine and you wish to return it, you have fourteen (14) days, from receiving of the product, to return it. The returned item must be in perfect condition, have never been used or opened, be in its original packaging, and accompanied by the original invoice. Address for returns:

What is the price of the return?

The return shipping costs are under your responsibility (the buyer), excluding cases in which the item delivered is different from what was ordered (color, size, model or damage). The return delivery costs are based on your local courier fares.


Can I personalize my sticker?

Not at the moment, but stay tuned!

Can I send you my designs?

At the moment, we don't include designs by new artists. Feel free to email us your details so we could reach out if relevant -

I want stick&dine stickers with my logo. Is is possible?

Currenly we don't offer customized stickers <3

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